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It is in human contact that I find my balance and it is through the latter that I like to transmit and share my passions. In my life, I have known very highs and also very lows. Several years ago, I experienced a period of total disconnection between my body and my mind, until I had an accident. Following this accident, I had a near-death experience. At that moment, the universe certainly gave me one of the greatest gifts ever given to me: I discovered my self-healing abilities…

Since then, I have decided to devote myself to following my inspirations and becoming a therapist. 

When we become aware again of why we came to this beautiful Earth, it opens up a field of beauty and incredible possibilities and that is what I wish to transmit for the rest of my life here.

With light and joy,



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I have always been fascinated by the infinite field of possibilities in any field and the potential that resides in everything. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wondered what I was doing there, embodied on planet earth… unsuited (and unsuitable) to rules, frames, boxing in general. It took me quite a few years to tame my sometimes disconcerting visions, my innate non-conformism, my visceral need for “different”, for “special”.

After many experiences, sometimes joyful, sometimes painful but always instructive, I now embody the path and the truth of my soul, in all its dimensions. It is in the opening of the heart that I offer the medicine that was lent to me in this incarnation in order to help, to guide the people brought to cross my path.

Although related, we all have our own unique way of expressing ourselves and experiencing life on earth. This singularity deserves to be highlighted.

I am not announcing an easy path because any ascent has its share of tests. What I guarantee, on the other hand, is true and sincere accompaniment because that remains for me the most beautiful thing that can be offered.

With light,


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Our Sacred Spaces

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The sacred spaces that we hold have enormous significance in our lives.

Indeed, during these meetings (Cacao Ceremonies, lunar/astrological ceremonies, workshops, meditations …), we co-create – with you who take part – timeless, sacred and benevolent spaces in which everyone can be exactly who he is, in welcoming his emotions of the moment. 

These are moments that we offer ourselves, in a spirit of benevolence and love for ourselves and where we allow ourselves to (re-)connect to our own essence.

But the experience in itself of these spaces will always speak of it better than words.

Contact us with any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

See you soon 🙂


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As part of what we do, we are very often assisted by the vibratory power of the Bach Flowers which act with finesse and wisdom on the emotions. True magicians, the 38 flowers of Dr. Bach allow to identify the emotions, to highlight them to develop what one wishes and to maintain harmony in the body & the spirit.

Oligotherapy will be – for its part – more generally integrated, if necessary, in the context of nutritional care because this therapy will support the rebalancing of food by contributing in particular to restoring the deficient functions of the body. The trace elements are catalysts of the biological functions of the organism at the very basis of life and they increase the self-healing capacities of the latter.


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