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What the stars have to say at the time of your birth...

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Astrology is a powerful tool used for millennia by ancient civilizations. I practice with passion evolutionary astrology, or the understanding of the specific factors of an natal chart as a map showing the path of evolution of the soul.


Astrology is about understanding when and how the stars influence our earthly experience both individually and collectively.

Each person is born with a very specific and unique chart, like a cosmic footprint which will govern and color all the experiences of one's life as well as one's behavior when experiencing a defined situation. This cosmic footprint is the filter through which we see the world.

A natal chart reading is a magnificent moment through which you will be led to better understand certain traits of your personality, your relationship with yourself and others, the gifts given at birth but also the challenges you are to face in your life. It is an immersive journey in what the universe gave you at birth that I offer to you.

If you wish to understand and deepen a particular subject, it is of course possible, I then direct my interpretation so that it can be integrated and understood in a deeper way.

I also offer (only on demand) a personalized guidance during a key period or on a defined subject, in order to be accompanied in a way that supports a process of evolution and personal creation.

Astrology can be particularly helpful in understanding:

  • Emotions that surface in certain situations
  • Understand why certain situations or events repeat themselves without knowing why
  • The area(s) where we excel
  • Our mission on Earth, our gifts and challenges
  • The stage of life we ​​are in
  • Past actions which influence our present
  • Behavior adopted in society and our interactions with others
  • What blocks or slows down our evolution
  • Challenges to face
  • The wound of the soul (that everyone has)

All this with the aim of evolution, to open doors at a subconscious level and then be able to develop your best potential.

Options for transmitting your theme:

* Natal chart reading:

  • Astro by Zoom (+ replay)/60-75 min
  • Astro by Zoom (avec replay) + Document /60-75 min
  • Audio only (order your natal chart reading and receive an audio of the interpretation)
  • Transcript only (commandez votre thème et recevez un document écrit de l’interprétation)


If you have any questions or would like additional information, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer them <3.


Lecture thème natal: (1h15)
Zoom (w/replay) - CHF 220.00
Zoom (w/replay) + transcript CHF 275.00
Audio only - CHF 200.00
Transcript only CHF 210.00


Cancellation policy:

Cancellations must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Any cancellation with a less than 24 hours’ notice are due and the Session will have to be paid in full . In case of a no-show, the same conditions apply.

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