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The power of Mama Kakawa, the food of the gods…

Cacao is the fruit of a medicinal plant, the cacao tree(theobroma cacao) from Central America and part(northern part) of South America. Theobroma is its scientific Latin name and literally means “food of the gods”. The first recognized uses date back about 4,000 years to the Mayo Chinchipe people of Ecuador and then to other peoples highly connected to heaven and earth: the Toltecs, Olmecs, Maya and the Aztecs.

These peoples had the knowledge and the conscience of the power of the cacao which comes to center its energy on the opening of the heart, thus bringing back this last in harmony with the cosmic energies, making them accessible to a spiritual work loan of softness and benevolence.

Us and Cacao…

A few years ago, the two of us met the sacred medicine of cacao for the first time during a private ceremony on the intuition of Chloe who wanted to discover this medicine(nothing happens by chance). During this magnificently guided meeting, we were transported and touched to the heart by this medicine of incredible delicacy and wisdom. This opened doors that we have not stopped exploring since then and we have both been able to observe major changes in our respective lives…the perceptions of the outside world, of our activities, of nature, of the sky, a profound development of self-awareness and of the living!

Mama cacao is a gentle spirit, she will never force the hand and will never provide an experience that the person is not ready to receive. It is with this benevolence that we can delicately explore our emotional world the way we would peel an onion, layer after layer. Gradually. It’s just being there to receive the best…

After several years of practice in ceremonies, retreats and “Cacao Dieta”(21 days) that have greatly impacted our lives, we have been called by the plant that now guides us through ceremonies in order to transmit our experience in its company.

Since then, we regularly hold sacred ceremonial spaces with cacao addressed themes related to astrology(celestial themes at the time of the event) that allow us to move more easily through our lives and evolve with more clarity and awareness. We also hold creative workshops, sound journeys with crystal bowls, self-massage, conscious breathing,… because in reality, there is no limit to exploration.

Unique moments where everyone can feel free to be exactly who they are, to live their life experience intensely.

We are really in deep gratitude for all the beautiful people who transmitted and taught us and also for all the people who harvest and prepare the cacao and who make it possible for us to work with this plant in our lands.

Spirituality and Cacao…

Mama Cacao is  a medicine of the heart and the earth, that is to say that it brings back to oneself,  in unconditional self-love, in connection with our mother earth. It is a medicine of the incarnation, of the body, this vehicle that allows us to experience our life on earth.

Ceremonial cacao…

Cacao under its  ceremonial form is 100% pure. Cacao trees grow alone in the tropical forest and the pods(fruits) are selected for their high vibrations . A process of treatment in consciousness of the harvest by hand, from fermentation to the roasting of the beans(seeds of the fruit) in the sun and then to their grinding. Cacao has therefore suffered none of the ill-treatment  inflicted on the chocolate that we find on our shelves. It thus preserves  all its nutritional virtues and a high vibration that allows us to  create this magical connection with his spirit.


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