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Our beloved Kakawa <3

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The power of Mama Kakawa, food of the Gods...

Le Cacao est le fruit une plante médecine, le cacaoyer (theobroma tree) venant d’Amérique centrale et d’une partie (North part) de l’Amérique du sud. Théobroma est son nom latin scientifique et signifie littéralement «nourriture des dieux». Les premières utilisations reconnues actuellement datent d’environ 4,000 ans par le peuple Mayo Chinchipe d’Equateur puis, aux autres peuples hautement connectés au ciel et à la terre: les Toltèques, Olmèques, Maya et les Aztèques.

These people had the knowledge and awareness of the power of cacao which centers its energy on the opening of the heart, thus bringing the latter into harmony with the cosmic energies which thus become accessible for spiritual work imbued with gentleness and kindness.

Sash’, Raph, and Cacao…

A few years ago, the two of us encountered the sacred medicine of cacao for the first time during a private ceremony on the intuition of Chloe (Sasha) who had been called to discover this medicine (nothing arrives by chance). During this magnificently guided ceremony, we were transported and touched to the heart by this medicine of incredible delicacy and wisdom. This opened doors that we have continued to explore since then and we have both been able to observe major changes in our respective lives... perceptions of the outside world, of our activities, of nature, of the sky, a profound development of self-awareness and the living!

Mama Kakawa is a gentle spirit, she will never force the hand and will never give an experience that the person is not ready to receive. It is with this kindness that we can delicately explore our emotional world the way we would peel an onion, layer by layer. Gradually. It’s just about being present to receive the best…

Après plusieurs années de pratique en cérémonie, en retraites et de «Cacao Dieta» (21 days) which have greatly marked our lives, we were called by the plant which now guides us through ceremonies in order to transmit our experience in her company.

Since then, we hold regularly sacred spaces (cacao ceremonies among others) during which we also address theme in relation with astrology (celestial events of the moment) which allow us to move more easily in our lives and evolve with more clarity and awareness. We also hold creative workshops, sound journeys with crystal bowls, self-massage, conscious breathing,… because there is indeed no limit to exploration.

Unique moments where everyone can feel free to be exactly who they are, to live their life experience intensely.

We are truly in deep gratitude for all the beautiful people who transmitted and taught us and also for all the people who harvest and prepare cacao and who enable us to work with this plant in our lands.

Spirituality and Cacao...

Mama Cacao est une médecine du cœur et de la terre, c’est-à-dire qu’elle ramène à soi-même, dans l’amour inconditionnel de soi, en connexion avec notre terre mère. C’est une médecine de l’incarnation, du corps, ce véhicule qui nous permet d’expérimenter notre vie de terrestre.

Ceremonial cacao...

Le Cacao sous sa forme cérémonielle est 100% pur. Les cacaoyers poussent dans la forêt tropicale et les cabosses (fruits) sont sélectionnées pour leurs vibrations élevées. Un processus de traitement en conscience de la récolte à la main, de la fermentation à la torréfaction des fèves (fruit seeds) au soleil puis à leur broyage. Le cacao n’a de ce fait subi aucun des mauvais traitements infligés au chocolat que nous retrouvons dans nos étales. Il préserve ainsi toutes ses vertus nutritionnelles et une vibration élevée qui nous permet de créer cette connexion magique avec son esprit.

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