Mission name: "Discovery"

Self-exploration, Astro & Sacred Cacao

A multi-dimensional exploration - by Sasha

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A unique treatment that I offer...

… combining in-depth energetic work in connection with your natal chart to explore your personal life path, your mission, your potential, your “blockers” – the challenges – revealed by your personal natal placements, all this accompanied by the sacred medicine of cacao – in its ceremonial form – which is an exceptional facilitator (see page dedicated to cacao on this website).

Every session is unique and personal, just like your natal chart! One of my vocations is to guide sessions that lead to real, deep questioning.

Through a very particular relationship with the so-called more complex planets of our solar system (those more linked to the unconscious and the mirror on All-that-is.), I guide you so that you can shed light on your challenges in this life, the wounds or traumas that unconsciously (or consciously) you repeat and how they manifest themselves in your daily life or in specific situations.

Note: This is not a complete natal chart reading (as suggested on the astrology page of the site). I interpret your natal chart to include only the the most crucial features in the session.

My sessions include teachings that I received from initiates as well as the sound medicine, my voice, and channeled messages.

Information: Our paths are all different and I am your guide, in all humility, who leads you to deep questioning, and self-reflection to allow you to unlock doors (you sometimes had no idea existed) and discover their own unique keys.


* Avec Cacao (1h15) – CHF 155.00
* Sans Cacao (1h) – CHF 140.00

Location: 1027 Lonay

ZOOM, live:
* Sans Cacao (1h): CHF 140.00

Contact & Booking

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Any cancellation with a less than 24 hours’ notice are due and the Session will have to be paid in full . In case of a no-show, the same conditions apply.

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