Energy healing - Remote session

Remote session in the comfort of your home

Channeled energy healing - By Sasha

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I offer to receive, in the comfort of your home, channeled energy work of my guides, the divine energies from the higher intelligence which work through me, with an evolutionary purpose.

Ce soin se différencie des autres soins à distance que je propose dans le sens où vous êtes installé/e comfortablementchez vous mais nous ne sommes pas connecté par Zoom ou téléphone. Vous recevez le soin, en état méditatif et je vous transmets, à la suite du soin, les transmissions (sous forme audio ou écrite). Dans les autres soins à distance, nous sommes en connexion directe via Zoom.

For remote sessions, I proceed as follows::

  • We get in touch by phone beforehand in order to discuss briefly and also so that I can give you the progress of the session.
  • We agree on a date and time together for the session to take place

During the session (as per agreed time/date), you are lying down, in peaceful environment, at home, while the energy work is carried out.

This energy work is particularly advised when::

  • you experience emotional or relational difficulties in your daily life,
  • you are looking for answers to existential questions or when you feel energy imbalances, disturbances, agitation, discomfort, lack of energy, sleep or else.
  • or if you simply wish for a moment of peace, of well-being for yourself.

Every session is unique and therefore can vary considerably from one person to another depending on the intention and needs of each person.

  • At the end of the session, you will receive the messages that I will have channeled for you, by Whatsapp or by email as well as any invitations to undertake practices or rituals with the aim of supporting your process of evolution and healing

We are collectively in a period of profound transformation, a turning point at a collective and individual level of consciousness, which can sometimes bring confusion, physical and psychological fatigue or other disorders and it is necessary, for one's well-being, to maintain harmony between the physical and the subtle in order to experience this transformation in the most beautiful way <3.


With Light,




Soin à distance (60 min) + transmission, à l’issue du soin, des messages & pratiques de soutien (audio or in the written form)

Contact & Booking

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Any cancellation with a less than 24 hours’ notice are due and the Session will have to be paid in full . In case of a no-show, the same conditions apply.

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