Quantum healing
(with or without Cacao)

From vibration to matter...
By Chloe

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My fascination for the quantum field..:


Everything, absolutely everything, is energy!  From the most microscopic particle to the infinitely (and unimaginably) large, the Universe, the Whole.


Whether it is a subtle body, a body made of flesh, a movable object, an element (such as water), nothing escapes this truth. These are the vibrations which, when they become denser, create matter.

Whatever humans have created, it all started with the energy of a thought and everything can be transformed with energy. You are master – together with your heart – of the power of your thoughts and this will govern your life. Depending on your thoughts, you will connect to similar vibrations to these. Thoughts have an impact on emotions which in turn impact the physical body, hence the importance of becoming aware of them.


Through this treatment, you will be able to consult the different plans and join others to understand your path more and amplify the high vibrations. 


I offer you a caring   and safe accompaniment in the following following areas:


Analysis of the vibratory rates of the emotional state and the main organs, decoding of negative emotions and rebalancing

Akashic Annals access your Akashic records, awareness

* Birth codes: Book of Life of the Soul, elevation of the vibratory rate

* Morphic field emotions, disconnection of negative egregores


During the session, you have the choice to surround yourself with the medicine of Cacao. Cacao is a medicine and heart plant that comes from Central America and allows a general state of relaxation while bringing a state of increased vigilance (full presence) – thus promoting awareness. 


This healing is particularly important to me because it allows us to take a fresh and authentic look at our journey, our personal mission in this incarnation. I practice them with love and commitment and it is also in this way that I accompany you along the way.


If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me: Chloe(either via the contact form) or by phone(full details in the yellow box).

I look forward to accompanying you,



Important note: Cacao is neither a psychotropic nor a hallucinogen. Feel free to read more about Cacao on the page we have dedicated to it (“Cacao” page of the main menu).

Useful information


Quantum healing (75 min)

Quantum healing with Sacred Cacao (120 min)


Any cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the date of the appointment (except in cases of force majeure). Once this period has passed, 80% of the price of the session will be invoiced. Thank you for your understanding.

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